In the aftermath of the flood, 22 bamboo houses were swiftly constructed and handed over to 22 familiesaccommodating over 200 individuals. The shelters were completed in the last week of November 2022 in collaboration with Youth Impact at the cost of Rs. 1 Million, providing a timely response to the disaster. As floodwaters receded, families returned to their homes in February, often taking relief supplies with them. The current state and condition of the bamboo shelters reflect their effectiveness in providing immediate and necessary relief during a challenging time.

The 83-Special Electrical Alumni of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore at the time of the silver jubilee of their graduation in 2015, took the initiative to set up funds as a Scholarship Program designed to support and encourage financially needy students in their pursuit of higher education in the Electrical Engineering Department of UET. This scheme, which is now a flagship program under Engineers for Community Welfare (ECW), is funded by our esteemed alumni and aims to provide financial assistance to deserving individuals with a commitment to making a positive impact in our society. Through this scholarship, we strive to create opportunities for talented students to excel and empower them to become future leaders in their respective fields.

The deserving students send their applications for financial support to the Department of Financial Assistance and Career Services (FA&CS) in UET Lahore. This department acts as a centralized body and the recommended students by FA&CS are then interviewed by the Alumni selection committee which evaluates carefully the applicants to shortlist as per acceptable criteria based upon a combination of aptitude and need for financial support.

Since the inception of this program, — students have been awarded full or partial financial assistance under this scheme, and almost Rs —- have been disbursed. — number of students have already graduated and are now pursuing successfully in their professional careers.